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Enter the fascinating world

            of free-flying

     Caribbean Flamingos,

introduced by Sir Richard Branson into a most extraordinary setting, his home island, Necker, in the British Virgin Islands. Determined to reestablish a strong flamingo presence in the Virgin Islands after man extirpated this native bird as recently as the 1960’s, two natural salt ponds are expanded and plumbed, providing an aquatic oasis teeming with life.

Flamingo ingenuity and care is evident while rearing the first two Necker-born generations, now in their fourth breeding season. Follow the month-to-month physical and social development of four amazing characters and their friends as they grow from fluffy white chicks to elegant coral pink adults.

Six years of observation, hundreds of hours in the mud, 10’s of thousands of photos and an insatiable need to know created Flamingos of Necker Island.

Over 300 beautiful photographs illustrate fun stories and surprising discoveries in the lives of the individuals, families and clans that share

Sir Richard’s Necker Island.

© Michaeline Moloney All rights reserved.

offers an intimate view of the cooperative, complex society of a flamingo colony.

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Flamingos of Necker Island: Sir Richard Branson’s Brilliant Birds